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Jump start your career with professional IT training

Colleges & Universities

Corporate Malaysia has been witnessing a boom in IT software implementation, resulting in the requirement of a very large workforce to implement and manage the IT software. Corporate entities are looking beyond engineering and management graduates to fill this gap. For the same, Indicate has launched a new initiative – the Student Academy Program to enable fresh graduates to be Certified and join its ecosystem. This helps the fresh graduates to be easily absorbed by the industry and be productive from Day 1.


  • Student Academy offers IT training to students in universities and colleges according to Industry Requirements.
  • The courses range from basic introductory courses to highly detailed and specialized courses for consultants.
  • These courses are designed to cater to the needs of students of various disciplines at all levels.
  • These are offered at competitive prices to make the-high end IT courses available to the student population.
  • The courses facilitate collaborative learning through blogs, chats, discussion forums, and wikis. The training and evaluation process is rigorous with simulations to real-world applications.

Indicate at your College

Indicate offers to incorporate curriculum with regular curriculum along with studies. It supports IT skills workforce development to help enable IT ecosystem. And it also helps students to create an added advantage and increase their career potential and growth opportunities by offering respective IT certification.