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It's not just about Teaching,
It's about relationships for Life

Classroom Training


Training is always better when it is educated by experts. Instructors Led Training are full time, class-room based training program carry out with a full time instructor. Our trainers have vast experience in their respective field and can impart training with highest skill level. Shivansh knows that successful training program is imparted by providing virtue of the learning and invigorating environment.

  • Facilitating real-time interaction.
  • In-depth information sharing.
  • Direct response to questions.
  • Group interaction enhances learning. Employees learn from one another as well as from the trainer.
  • Feedback is a keyword here. Employee will get instant feedback.

The Indicate Teacher

At Indicate, trainers help the students not in the academic session only but even after the session. To take this relationship beyond regular training, they share real time experiences with students, to explain the business processes and concepts. This training is a best fit for aspiring IT consultants, who do not have any prior IT experience. The training classes are conducted between 9am-6pm (Mon- Fri).